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For the first time in Tanzania, TBS (Tanzania Bureau of Standards) and TPSF (Tanzania Private Sector Foundation) introduced the ranking concept of Top 50 Tanzanian Brands. Goldstar cordially extends its gratitude to both agencies for being acknowledged as one of the Top 50 brands in 2016. This initiative has the potential to create good competition among the players and to consequently benefit the general consumer at large.

The rating for 2016 was done on various parameters like mindshare/brand image, market share, commitment, self assessment, judge’s opinion, online public opinion and social responsibility among other things and the process involved consumer survey in various cities.

As an organization, Goldstar appreciates this prestigious award and would like to also acknowledge that the journey towards achieving such a respectable goal had its challenges and hardships. An organisation needs to stand by a strict set of principles that believe in the necessary processes for a brand to boast of such achievements.

With the Tanzanian economy steadily growing at a rate of around 7%, the construction industry is the biggest contributor to this growth.

A growth that focuses on the housing sector and is linked with low, affordable, mid-segment, mortgage sectors. The outlook of decorative paints looks bright, more so if the removal of VAT on housing is considered. If so, this will mean that more people will afford housing, thus more potential for the construction industry and in turn the paint business, particularly in decorative and wood coating segments.

On the other hand, the growth in the Industrial segment for paints is directly related to the Industrial growth of the nation. The Industries are bound to do well in the future and this will also have a rub o on the Industrial paint segment.

Goldstar aims to be recognized as one of the Top Brands in the entire East Africa. Wishing not only to be a dominant player in the decorative segment, but also in the industrial and automotive segment too. A dream achievable within the next 5-7 years. The company is perceived as the benchmark for quality paints in Tanzania, and has already extrapolated the same to other neighboring countries in East and Central Africa in all segments, so when anyone thinks of good quality paint at the right price, they definitely should only think of Goldstar Paints.


Thank you Tanzania.

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