Duraplast FRONT 1


Goldstar DuraPlast  is tough,thick durable emulsion paint specified for light texturing and suitable for both interior and exterior use. Goldstar  DuraPlast exhibits excellent opacity and is very hard wearing. It is used to conceal unevenness in concrete wall, by providing on even,lightly textured finish. Goldstar DuraPlast can be applied on many surfaces including cement gypsum plaster concete wood soft board and on hard board.




Durastone Front 1


Goldstar DuraStone is water base stone texture finish for interior and exterior use. It gives stone finish with attractive coloured stones. Goldstar Durastone give good water resistance and best adhesion and its coating is hard and tough.






Goldstar DuraTough is exterior emulsion paint with high build-up and rock hard aggregates texture coating. Formulated with tough flexible resin with many special properties like anti-fungal, anti-flaking, excellent opacity and adhesion to ensure long term defense over all odd weather conditions. The formulation gives an attractive fine & coarse granular finish which allows a higher performance.  It is geared to fill up the minor dents on surfaces. It can also be applied as an interior/exterior texture coating on concretes, plastered, bricks and wood surfaces.




Durastucco FRONT 1


Goldstar DuraStucco is water based texture coating for interior & exterior use. It is specially engineered to provide special texture design pattern for wall, wood and metal surfaces. It give unique beauty with engrave structure on smooth and plan surfaces. High solid with excellent flexibility, helps to hide fine cracks & gives better adhesion.






Goldstar DuraSand is water based fine textured finish which has special type of tough and flexible latex binder for long term durability. It has a very good anti-fungal and anti-algal property which allows to apply on both interior and exterior surfaces. It can be applied on concrete, plastered surface, metal and wood. Excellent toughness, Fine-Textured finish, best adhesion and weather-ability gives long lasting performance.




Duradesign FRONT 1


Goldstar DuraDesign is specially formulated to create various designer’s finishes for beautifying wall, wood or metal surfaces. This product is made with high quality latex binder for excellent feel & long lasting performance. It has very good anti-fungal and anti-algal properties which allows to apply on both interior and exterior surfaces. The combination of base coat and top coat gives attractive patterns such as Leather, Wood, Comb, Spatula and Sisal finishes. It gives Excellent Sheen, Wash-ability, Adhesion & Hardness.




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